This is not the story I set out to tell.
In my time covering Egypt since 2005, I have never seen the country so polarized and sharply divided across such a clear line: “Are you with us … or against us?”
How do you tell a story when the plot keeps changing? How do you feel, have empathy and photograph when you don’t understand what is happening anymore?
Am I with them … or against them?
Every picture I take in Egypt has been part of a life document for my own memory.
I photograph life.
This is what has always inspired me. I turn away from ugliness in search of beauty in a country I know is not always beautiful.
Now there is a fire raging.
So many people have been killed. I have seen their blood seeping away.
Now there is a red mound of hate.
This country, where for a long time I was seeing good over bad, has finally pushed me into an intense darkness.
I feel angry … disappointed … ashamed.
I am not with you ... I am not with them.
I once innocently thought we were all one.