Reda Abdelaziz Mohamed is not crying.
His left eye constantly weeps, his right, has been blinded forever.
Nineteen-year-old Reda (an Arabic word meaning ‘contentment’) was on Mohamed Mahmoud Street in downtown Cairo supporting protesters in the ongoing battle against security forces. Reda was kneeling down over a protester’s dead body when he was shot.
“I don’t remember feeling anything. I ran and got down to pick up a dead body. Next to me stood a police officer. Suddenly I was thrown backwards and I have not seen anything since.”
His story is one of hundreds.
Reda says if he manages to see again, he will return to Tahrir Square. His parents, who never took part in politics, say they will join him, so do his uncle and aunt.
When I leave, I notice the glint of a tear gently running down his cheek.
I wonder if this time Reda is crying.