2005 - 2014 

In the Shadow of the Pyramids began in 2005 out of a desire to reconnect with a country I no longer knew. I began to explore the essence of Egyptian identity in the hope of coming to terms with my own. The streets were my starting point, realizing if I found answers among the people, I could begin to piece together my identity once again. The work is a reflection of Egypt through my own eyes, guided by my childhood memories and a struggle to understand who I am and where I belong. In this sense, it is not a work about Egypt. Over time, the project gained a sense of urgency and expanded to explore the country’s transition and turmoil - from the time of Mubarak, Tahrir Square and Egypt’s looming future.  

In the Shadow of the Pyramids is a self funded project partly supported by BURN magazine and a crowdfunding campaign on Emphas.is.